Web Designing Tips

When you first visit a site, what do you first see and value? Design. Yes, the design gives the first impression on the visitors. The good or bad design of a blog in the eyes of visitors to be an important aspect that you should consider. If not, it could be when your new visitors access your blog, a split second and then immediately click the icon x in the corner of the browser tab because the design is not interesting. Both the bad design of the blog is a mirror of quality content. You can use Katy web design services to get a good design.

Therefore, a catchy design should apply to your blog. Your design should be enthralling and comforting to visitors so they want to come back later. However, the problem is how to create a blog design that makes visitors comfortable. Remember the convenience of visitors. Because the cool blog design is also not necessarily make your visitors comfortable. Well, for this I have some tips that may be useful for you. Here are some things you should remember and make reference in designing your blog:

1. Harmony
The first thing before designing a blog is to review which design is best suited to apply to your blog. Do not be Wrong. We recommend that you look for reference first what kind of design that fits with the topic of your blog. If your blog about travel, you should first visit the famous web/blog that discusses travel. Just for reference.

2. Usability
In designing the blog, you should pay attention to the widgets, Call to action, links and whatever is displayed on your blog. Then, imagine you become a blog visitor who is very layman. Then, think about what visitors will feel when viewing your blog. Will they feel uncomfortable or feel helpful?

3. Navigation
Navigation is a direction, hint or path on a blog. That’s probably the brevity. Make easy navigation on your blog. Your design may already be liked because of 3 points above. But when visitors visit a page on your blog, not necessarily they still like if your blog navigation difficult. Examples of how to make easy navigation for example by creating the main menu, installing breadcrumb, page number, site map, related articles, and others. Pamper your visitors with easy navigation.