Types of Websites Disliked By Google

The price to use SEO services compared to paying Google Adsense ads makes a lot of website owners and online stores using our SEO services. Various website owners and online stores contact us about the terms of the SEO services that pagesatu.com offers. Is there a website Google does not like? There is. Among the billions of websites and online stores that exist around the world, there are several types of websites that Google does not really like. There is even a special provision if you want to serve Google Adsense ads on the website for example. The first thing is a duplicate website. Can duplicate from another website, can also duplicate from other media such as book and others. In the new Google Hummingbird Algorithm era, originality is one of the important points that must be maintained on a website to get Google’s trust into the first page of its search results, and duplicate websites will obviously be filtered by itself, even if Google automatically banned.

If you have a website in which there is an active virus script, do not be strange if your website disappears from Google, because Google does not like such websites, even with all internet users around the world. In many versions of the latest browser is usually access to this kind of website automatically blocked. In addition to viruses, websites full of ads are websites that are not liked by everyone, even so with Google. If referring to the AdSense ad serving rules, the recommended number of ads suitable for each page view of a website is 3 ads. Then the website that has more than 3 spots advertising please be alert to update Google algorithm in the future.