The Cause of Air Conditioner Leaks

One of the most common air conditioner problems you might have ever experienced in your home or office is water leakage on the AC unit. Often you do not know the main cause of leaky air conditioners and instead leave it for months, even years, whilst that is actually a bad thing to do. Instead, you have to fix the air conditioner immediately. You can do so by hiring an aircon service provider like the aircon repair singapore.

One of the causes of the leaks of air conditioners is the pipe that is too old. If your air conditioner has been used for years and you rarely take care of air conditioning, then it is normal that your airplane pipe layer is damaged and lead to leakage. This can be fixed by replacing the pipe wrapper with a new one. In addition to old, your pipe can also damage unexpectedly so that it leaks. Therefore, when your air conditioner leaks, you can check the condition of the pipe.