Tips for Choosing a Wok For Various Uses

With many types of wok on the market both from the form and the manufacturer, of course not easy to choose kitchen appliance this one. Definitely confused also choosing the right one for your kitchen. Visit our website to get the best quality wok.

What is the main function of this cookware in your kitchen? Just for frying or multi function. One of the main uses of the skillet is that it is best used for stir-fry. Wok steel (carbon steel wok) is the most appropriate choice for sautéing with the reasons include:

– Easily coated (season) so it is not easy to sticky and rusty,
– Durable,
– The price is relatively cheap,
– Good heat conductor, quick heat and easy to cool (very suitable for saute-stir-fry) and most of all is the heat evenly
– Not too heavy so easy to use.
– Provide iron mineral additives to cooked food