Steps on researching SEO keywords

SEO has the function to promote a site with certain content type. The tool used by SEO specialist is the search engine Besides that, keyword has the important role for any search engine campaign. If you wonder how every expert does their work when it comes to handling your project? Please visit and get in touch with your potential professional. The following are the steps when doing the keyword research that will be used in optimizing SEO.

1.Determine the type of product or service

The type of product or service whether related to health, fashion, books, property or transportation helps in determining keywords. For example, products offered are high-heel shoes for women, it can be used in the form of high-heels women’s shoes.

2. Knowing the benefits of the product or service offered

Kinds of examples that can be applied in this subject are usually health products, such as certain diet drugs. In the selection of keywords, it should be clear whether the benefits of these health products so that prospective customers who undergo a diet program feel interested and want to buy.