Problems with Freon and Evaporator Air Conditioner (AC)

Ice grains coming out of Air Conditioner (AC) is a frequent problem, This happens because of less care, especially cleanliness filter Air Conditioner (AC). Ice grains can also occur because Air Conditioner (AC) lacks freon gas, It can also occur due to lack of regular maintenance until the Evaporator Air Conditioner (AC) has become too dirty. If you notice that there are symptoms of damage to your home air conditioner, you can immediately call the aircon service as the best service for your air conditioner and you can get the best warranty from them.

Ganguan / symptoms that occur Air Conditioner (AC) will live and die (sometimes live sometimes die). Compressor Air Conditioner (AC) has a problem, immediately repaired if you leave it alone you will be surprised when you see your electricity bill. There are many more symptoms of Air Conditioner damage (AC), and when examined the problem occurs due to lack of regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance is highly recommended by the air conditioning technician, In addition, you will always get a cool air, clean air, virus-free air, and bacteria, you can also save electricity costs and the cost of purchasing new Air Conditioner (AC).